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Response Posts: Respond to at least one teammate stating what you learned about the region as a result of the posted notes and offering your prediction in terms of what might happen as the result of the current event.
I provided the post to response to below.

The article I found this week was about Germany and Austria and their gas supply. Lately it seems that everything is about Russia and Ukraine. This is no different. Russia is demanding countries pay them in their currency which is Russian ruble. In this weeks class we talked about currency and how it could impact when it comes to importing and exporting. Germany and Austria are not having it and are refusing to pay in ruble. So now they are taking steps towards gas rationing. Due to Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, it has not effected other countries. “Germany gets about half its gas and a third of its oil from Russia,” (Espiner, & Race, 2022) and Austria gets 80% of their gas from Russia, which is going to be a major impact. Both countries are monitoring the gas consumption because they know there will soon be a shortage. This is not only going to affect these two countries, there are many other countries that import gas from Russia like France, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Britain.

Germany and Austria take step towards gas rationing – BBC News (Links to an external site.)

Race, T. E. and M. (2022, March 30). Germany and Austria take step towards gas rationing. BBC News. Retrieved March 30, 2022, from Caution-

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