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Chapter 11 (Why Do Anthropologists Study Economic Relations?) Discussion, do not use outside resources
Be sure to post your response as a NEW THREAD to the main question posted by your instructor to receive credit. There is one “master question” per chapter. You must post your own response to the question before you will be allowed to respond to the posts of others. Use a separate thread to post your response. Do NOT use outside sources. Use ONLY your textbook reading and cite where appropriate.

Question #1 (Cultural Ecology and Questioning Collapse)

Chapter 11 discusses the role of cultural choices in the rise and fall (i.e. “collapse) of civilizations on pages 358-359. Using your readings on choice and geographic determinism, attempt to answer the question “Why do we portray ancient societies – especially those with indigenous descendants – as successes or failures?” Feel free to use the cultures depicted in this chapter to support your arguments. Do NOT, however, use outside sources in your response.

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