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3. Critically examine how Amartya Sen’s ?capabilities approach? did or has challenged development thinking.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop:

? An understanding of basic development theories and concepts;
? An awareness of key development approaches;
? Skills required for critical analysis;
? An appreciation of the multiple meanings of Development.

You will be marked on the following criteria:

? Clarity of discussion;
? Grasp of the basic concepts relevant to the topic of discussion;
? Coverage of the relevant literature;
? Quality of analysis;
? Structure of the essay;
? Quality of presentation.

Some tips on writing a good essay
? Answer the question.
? Do not simply restate what others have said. Make an argument, inject your ideas, or take an alternative approach or way of organisation and synthesising material. Be critical.
? Use quotes sparingly. Use your own words.
? Define key concepts.
? Make extensive use of use academic literature to support your argument. Be meticulous with the bibliography and with attributing important ideas and data to sources. While there are no hard and fast answers to the question “how many references is enough?”, given the volume of material in the reading guide, the extensive collection of relevant material in the library, and the nature of the subject, less than
? 15 references for your major essay would be unacceptable. Use various
? search engines to access relevant references.
? At least two-thirds of your references should be from academic books and journals. Also, you may use a few references, in the form of reports or statistics only, from international agencies such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program; non-governmental organisations such as the Red Cross; and national governments. If necessary, these may be accessed via the world wide web. You may use one or two newspaper or magazine articles if necessary. You may not use any other material from the worldwide web: media reports, bulletins, updates, commentaries, statistics, university websites, travel reports, popular websites, and anything else other than reports and statistics from recognised development agencies.
? Use the Harvard system of referencing. This means you do not use footnotes or endnotes for referencing.
? Provide a clear but concise introduction, stating your aim, pre-empting your conclusions, and outlining the structure of your essay.

? Provide clear and concise conclusions.
? Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes: proofread your essay at least twice, if you have had trouble in the past, ask someone else to proofread your essay as well.
? Type your essay on one side of A4 paper, using a margin of 4 or
? 5 cms and double spacing.

also this : give the most recent or past examples of how this approach challenged development thinking. One aspect would be how it challenged traditional development thinking theoretically and then-some recent or past practical examples can be part of it as well.

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