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Crisis Planning and Intervention Media Analysis Paper

The focus of themedia analysis paper is on honing students’ ability to recognize and assess crisis scenarios in a semi-realistic environment. In the absense of a contrived crisis media representations provide the next best thing to a real world example.

1. Select a crisis orientated movie or book with an appropriate theme. Movies and books that portray interpersonal crises will be much easier to work with for this assignment than Hollywood style diaster movies. Individuals in crisis are more appropriate for the assignment but community based crises may be used with sufficient consideration of the following assignment requirements. In-text references are expected when referring to the media work or other professional resources. Any in-text reference must be accompanied by a full citation in the reference list.

2. The paper must be five (5) full pages in length which addresses the following questions:
a. Who is in crisis (may be more than one character so select primary character or specific group): provide enough background detail to put the individual’s situation into context.

b. The nature of crisis: include references, if possible, from “Crisis Intervention Strategies” textbook written by Richard K. James and Burl E. Gilliland (8th ed). When discussing the nature of crisis, include what constitutes a crisis and provide detailed examples from the chosen media to support how the selection fits the definition of a crisis.

c. The course of the crisis: what initiated the crisis and how does the crisis play out over time. Include detailed examples of issues confronted and changes over time that affect the individual in crisis as events unfold.

d. Identify the person’s or group’s attempts to cope with crisis and assess the degree to which the coping was successful and or unsuccessful.

e. Develop a intervention strategy for assisting the person or group in crisis.
i. What are the key issues needing attention.
ii. What resources are available to assist in coping?
iii. What is the role of the counselor in addressing the identified issues?

f. How would you expect the outcomes for the person or group in crisis to be different as a result of the interventions described in “e.” above?

3. Papers should be in APA style although an abstract is not necessary.

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