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I am willing to offer large tip after completion as this requires thorough research & analysis
No need for intro, conclusions etc

Individual Research Project ? 40%
Students are required to conduct and communicate the findings of a Netnographic research project aimed at generating consumer insights in a digital context of their choosing.

Netnography (Kozinets 3E, 2020) is a specific type of qualitative social media research. It emphasises online traces, interactions and socialities. Social media is filled with utterances (traces). Twitter provides 500 million utterances per day (6000 per second). YouTube offers 432,000 hours of utterance filled video every day. Many netnographies study these utterances. Netnography specifies particular procedural guidelines and takes a pragmatic ?how-to? approach to studying social media using a cultural lens.

Netnographic research is a step by step process. Each step represents a milestone along the project pathway. Formative assessment will be utilised to provide you with opportunities to receive constructive feedback on the five main stages of the process. This will take place in semester 2.

I need the following:

Key Literature (500 words)
This can be presented in bulleted format but be conscious to include as many citations as you deem relevant
Demonstrate where your focus fits in with other qualitative research that has been conducted on your topic.
Methodology – outline of the key steps taken in conducting your netnographic research (500 words)
This should be done with a level of clarity that renders the project replicable
Insights (1k words)
The main findings of your research.
Is based on Ryanair’s TikTok and Twitter.
Please see attached file for prompt. It needs to be very toughtful responses and critical analysis
Netnography proposal

Karl Butler- C18391941

What can we learn about engagement with Ryanair from an empirical study of consumers on TikTok??

My netnographic proposal is based on the recent phenomenon regarding Airlines (specifically Ryanair airline) taking social media platforms by storm. Tik Tok has become one of the most widely used and influential social media platforms over the past 3-4 years. It has become a platform known to create overnight sensations while hosting previous influencers and allowing them to become more accessible because of current trends and dances. I also will be analysing Ryanair?s user interaction on Twitter as their admins have been active on this platform also, creating funny images, whitty comebacks/remarks and entertaining tweets.
Ryanair?s method of using the younger generations? trends, on platforms like TikTok and Twitter trends to generate attention and appeal to consumers has yielded great results as seen through quantitative results by like, comments and views.
As Ryanair recruited fans from both sides of the Atlantic, it has an outstanding 1.5 million followers and 44.5 million likes, sealing itself as the most popular airline on the platform. Ryanair used current trends and jokes to inform their potential consumers while using entertaining songs and trends. Their activity has been noticed internationally for funny replies, quick remarks, and entertaining videos.
What interested me most was over the past year, Ryanair airline?s presence on my Tik Tok feed, which was a hot topic of conversation within friend groups. I find this phenomenon quite intriguing and I would love to investigate this further. The development of these airline pages has created a new space for interaction and new marketing techniques which would be interesting to research on an empirical level using comments, likes and shares.
Applying Selection Criteria – Project Exercise
Data Site 1: Tik Tok
Relevance: Data on the site relates to my research focus and question(s) Data Site 2: Twitter
Data Site 1 Rating: Tik Tok: 100 Data Site 3: Instagram
Data Site 2 Rating: Twitter: 85
Data Site 3 Rating: Instagram: 75

Activity: Data on the site is recent and regular
Data Site 1 Rating: Tik Tok: 100
Data Site 2 Rating: Twitter: 100
Data Site 3 Rating: Instagram: 100

Interactivity: Data on the site reveals two-way or multiway communiction between participants
Data Site 1 Rating: Tik Tok: 85
Data Site 2 Rating: Twitter: 100
Data Site 3 Rating: Instagram: 85

Diversity: Data on the site reveals different perspectives and different socio-cultural viewpoints
Data Site 1 Rating: Tik Tok: 60
Data Site 2 Rating: Twitter: 85
Data Site 3 Rating: Instagram: 70

Richness: Data on the site is detailed and descriptive, providing deep contextual information
Data Site 1 Rating: Tik Tok: 50
Data Site 2 Rating: Twitter: 75
Data Site 3 Rating: Instagram: 60

Data Site Rating Totals:
Data Site 1: TikTok 395
Data Site 2: Twitter 445
Data Site 3: Instagram 390
The data site which I have chosen to be the ‘best fitted’ according to my ratings is Data Site 2: Twitter

My data set is going to be an array of statistical information from my top three data sites; Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, placing an emphasis on the engagement from Twitter and TikTok. In terms of types of statistical information, I will include views, likes, comments, replies, and general interaction with posts from the Ryanair administration pages.
I will carry out this research by searching for the following hashtags: #ryanair #airline #funny #trend #ryanaircrew #travel.
The minimum number of comments which will be required for posts to be eligible will be 250. The minimum number of views that I will use for posts is greater than >100k.
The dates I will use for research purposes for this netnographic project will be posts from March 2022 back to March 2021.


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