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Assignment requirements and course materials,

“Final assessment
Assessment takes the form of one summative assessment. This will be a 4000 word essay on a subject of your choosing (with prior approval by me). For this, you will be required to select from a range of data sources I will provide. You may also suggest your own data source.

You will be asked to: a) formulate a research question; b) use at least one computational text analysis technique that we have studied; c) conduct an analysis of the data source you have provided; d) write up the initial findings; and e) outline potential extensions of your analysis.

You will then provide the code you used in reproducible (markdown) format and will be assessed on both the substantive content of your essay contribution (the social science part) as well as your demonstrated competency in coding and text analysis (the computational part).”

Also here’s the link to where the data that we can use can be found:

You can use another dataset, if you want. Otherwise the ones that are provided should be good enough to complete the assignment.

Tutor recommended submitting the assignment as a markdown file, but some people don’t know how to use Rmarkdown or it might not work for some people’s computers. Because of this, he said that you can submit your essay with your code appended to the end of it. The code doesn’t count toward the wordcount.

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