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We are wanting to do our paper over the Chatbots being introduced into marketing. See the attached prompt and instructions. 2 pages not including title pageInstructions for the Current-Event Assignment
1.Pick an event and conduct the analysis:
a.Find at least one article from a business trade publication or business newspaper/magazine about an event that has implications for marketing. The event must be related to one or more topics of the class. See the Course Outline and textbook for the relevant topics.

b.Read and understand the article and the focal event. In most instances, you may need to search for additional articles related to the event. These articles will give you additional information that enhances your understanding of the event and will be useful in the analysis of the event. Include all the articles you read that helped you in your list of references.

c.Analyze the event for all possible marketing implications. This is the crucial step. An event may associate with more than one marketing issue. Specifically, you need to analyze the event with respect to the marketing environments and marketing strategies. How to analyze the event: Ask yourself as many marketing-related questions as you can think of. For example,
(1)what are the elements of the environment that are affected by the event? (2) Will there be any reaction(s) from consumers and competitors, etc.? (3)What industry will be affected and how? (4)How will firms change their strategies to deal with the impact of that event? Note that these are general and sample questions. You may (and should) ask other questions that are relevant to your chosen event. Your event may or may not have implications related to all aspects of the marketing environments and strategies. Her are two examples to highlight how marketing implications may be drawn. You must find the answer(s) to these questions and the argument(s)/reference(s) to support your answer(s).

?Example 1: The launch of Apple?s iPhone 4 has created various reactions by
customers as well as companies in the smart-phone industry. For instance, despite the excitement driven by the improved features? e.g., a higher-resolution screen and dual cameras for video chats? many consumers quickly spread complaints about this product, especially about its reception capability, over the internet. A few issues arise from this event. For example, what are the roles played by social media in today?s global marketplace? How does the Internet affect companies? new product introduction strategies in a global scale? How can companies leverage the widespread of social media to promote new products based on incremental innovations?

?Example 2: In September of 2012, Wal-Mart followed Target and
decided to stop selling Amazon?s Kindle. This decision is made in response to the more intense and direct competition between the two giant retailers (i.e., Wal-Mart and as consumers can go to the store, try the products, but eventually place the order online via their Kindle tablets. This decision may result in a range of marketing implications. For example, how can Wal-Mart prevent the negative effects of sales cannibalization when it still carries other tablets, such as the iPad? (You can download Amazon?s app to your iPad and shop at Amazon while visiting Wal-Mart?s stores.) How will this decision affect the competition in the tablet market, e.g., between Apple and Amazon? Why do BestBuy and other retailers, such as RadioShack, still carry Amazon?s Kindle? Does the free-riding effect exist and change BestBuy?s pricing, product and promotion strategies?
NOTE: Again, these are only sample questions. To analyze your event, you should ask different questions.
2.Prepare your report:
i. Page limit: 2 pages, not including the cover page. Bullet points are welcome.

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