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As the school building leader, you were just given the task of cutting $500,000 from your school’s budget. Please describe the steps you would take in making this happen. ?Or, rank in terms of importance (outline form is fine) of what you would prioritize. (The video Advice from Superintendents may help you for this assignment and the discussion).

*For this assignment- it would be helpful to find a copy of your district’s operating budget. If you do not teach, find one for the district in which you reside. Feel free to scale down the amount if you are in a small district.
?You do not need to get into the details of what you would cut but please do feel free to add that (this will allow you to understand the challenges of such a task).
Your paper can either be text based (2-3 pages) of your decision making and the process behind it, or an outline of your priorities. If you choose the latter, please write a paragraph of why you ranked as you did.

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