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Submit your three (3) measurable behavioral objectives related to your topic for the lesson plan which is the foundation of your teaching project for this course.

Topic: Healthy Eating for those in middle school age
Audience: Middle schoolers, ages 13-15

Keep in mind:

1. Learners are 13-14 years old, and learning objectives are to reflect their developmental level.
2. Use terms, based on what children need to know, and how and what to eat to be healthy and well.
3. I have included links to lesson plan examples for this age group and there are examples of many resources, handouts, etc. to use for lesson plans with young teens.
Below is suggested way to introduce your LOs that include who the learners are, use a Blooms verb at their level, and clearly define what they need to be able to do to meet each LO. At the completion of the Teaching Project: Healthy Eating for Teens, the 13-14 year old learner will be able to: (Some examples for this age group below and you can choose depending on the time constraints too)
1.Identify appropriate amounts to eat from each food group represented in the MyPlate system. 2. Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status.
3. Plan a healthy eating pattern that meets individual preferences and needs for growth and development.

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