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*Submissions will be checked for plagiarism by Turn It In. Please review UL Lafayette?s policy on plagiarism in the student handbook. Students who plagiarize are at risk of receiving a ?0? for the assignment and being reported to the administration for disciplinary action.

Choose a non-profit organization in your area. This should be an organization that you can reach by phone or visit.

A complete overview of the organization is required.


? Provide an overview of when the organization was chartered or incorporated, why was it created, who founded the organization, what is their mission and vision, who they serve, and all pertinent information about the organization. This overview should also include what program or services the organization provides and how they are funded. It should also include who they employ and how many employees. Include information on the board and the structure of the organization.

Interview a key employee of the organization and provide their perspective on the following issues. (include the individual name, title, and contact information)

? The second part of the paper should focus on what type of challenges and issues the organization has faced during the Pandemic and how they have adjusted their work and services because of it. Include information on how the Pandemic affected their funding and fundraising. This information may be best obtained by contacting the Executive Director and scheduling a meeting or phone interview. This section could use some references that address the issues associated with fundraising during the Pandemic.


APA format research paper is required. Citations are required in text and on the reference page if used.

Must be at least 8 pages total (one document submitted). See due dates on Moodle.

WORD or PDF files only, 12 font text, double spaced, one-inch margins. The paper must include an introduction, body, and summary. (APA formatting)

APA format for citing ?in text? and for the reference page required.

Part 1 ? Title Page ? worth 5 points
Part 2 ? Introduction, Body, Summary (at least 6 complete pages) ? 75 points
Part 3 ? APA Formatting – 20

If you have any questions on how to create a research paper, citing references “in text” and creating the reference page in APA format. Visit your UL Library resources and or the resources provide to you on the class Moodle site. Review the Writing Expectations BEFORE you begin this assignment. APA formatting is required, and many resources are provided on the Moodle site of this class to learn what is required.
Grading Rubric – Possible Points – 100

Title Page (1 page required) ? 5 pts

APA format
Submitted in PDF or RTF
Text formatting correct
Introduction, Body, Summary (6 pages required) ? 75 pts

Text formatting correct
Content well organized, developed and written
Followed instructions
APA Formatting ? 20 pts (students always lose valuable points for citations ? be sure to review what is correct APA formatting)

APA format
Text formatting correct

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