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Sources: You will find ONE ADDITIONAL peer-reviewed source for your final paper.
Thesis: You may find that you need to change your thesis from your original one formulated for your Outline assignment. This is part of the writing process (if you change your thesis, you don?t ?lose? marks!).
? Times New Roman 12-point font, double line spacing, 1-inch margins (2.5 cm);
? Well organized & grammatical paragraphs (for help, see:;
? Effective use of key quotes in the final paper;
? Bibliographical entries in APA style (style sheet is on eClass); and
? Please remember:
o to include a title page with your name, the submission (not due) date, course number, your tutorial number & your TA?s name (not the professor?s name);
o to only upload a Word file (.docx or .doc format) to eClass Turnitin (use ?Save As? if using software other than MS-Word).
1. Explain the primary differences between orthodox and heterodox economics, with attention to the concept of homo economicus. How do heterodox thinkers argue against this concept, using other concepts and theories? Remember to specify the names of particular thinkers and authors as applicable.
2. Glasbeek argues that shareholders? and corporate directors? ?sense of corporate responsibility is poorly developed? (p. 69). The New Corporation movement (Bakan reading) presents itself as having corporate responsibility as a core value. Which perspective do you agree with?
3. ?Food, Inc.? contains an implicit debate between CEO Hirshbert of Stonyfield Farm and the small farmer Salatin of Polyface Farms concerning the scale of agriculture in relation to the food crisis. Which perspective do you agree with? Would one or the other be better in relation to the climate crisis?

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