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Case Information:
Select one U.S. company that reports using U.S. GAAP and also under IFRS. How does the company report revenues under each standard. Prepare an Excel spreadsheet that shows the company’s revenue information presented under U.S. GAAP and under IFRS. Discuss and evaluate the differences in the information reported. Embed your Excel spreadsheet in your paper. Submit copies of these financial statements if you choose to do so.
Writing/Presentation Requirements:
The body of this paper should be 2-3 pages (not including cover page, abstract or references) but not more than 4 pages.
This research paper requires a minimum of two scholarly references: academic journals, professional journals, and/or appropriate authoritative references such as FASB Codification System, COSO, COBIT, Audit Standards, etc.
Be sure to provide specific examples throughout your paper to back up your statements
All research papers are submitted in APA format for sources and citations.

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