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So far, you have gained an understanding of

The business-level strategy and corporate-level strategy
Strategy execution through hiring, training, & retaining employees and acquiring resources/capabilities
Managing internal operations to promote good strategy execution
Please select two companies, one as an exemplar of good strategy execution and one as an example of poor strategy execution. First, Provide a brief description for each company and its business-level and corporate-level strategy (4-6 sentences). Second, explain why you think the company is successful (or unsuccessful) and how the company gains its competitive advantages (or disadvantage) through the execution of its selected strategy and the internal operations. Make sure your discussion answers at least three of the following five questions: (1) How well does the company do on hiring, training, and retaining the right people to execute the selected strategy? (2) How would you evaluate the company’s strategy execution through resource and capability acquiring, developing, and strengthening? (3) How do the culture and organizational structure support (or not support) the strategy execution? (4) How the policies and procedures (e.g., policies on incentives and rewards) are designed to facilitate good (or poor) strategy execution? (5) What tools have been used to drive continuous improvement in the performance? Finally, provide a brief discussion on the firms’ strategy execution and its internal operations.

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