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Organization Research Assignment Paper (100 pts) Benchmark: SWC 4

It is the obligation of social workers to continually look for ways to improve the services delivered to clients. That means we must always be on the lookout for cutting edge or innovative programs that approach an old problem in a new way. The goal of this assignment is for students to experience the process of identifying an innovative program that addresses a community need.

Each student will identify and research an innovative program or approach to addressing a problem related to social work services. Student will write a paper at least 8 pages in length discussing the history of the problem and identifying previous attempts to address the problem. Student will identify and discuss the innovative program or approach researched as well as strengths and weaknesses of the approach. Student will propose further ways to improve the program or approach to address weaknesses identified.

A minimum of 3 peer reviewed journals are required as resources. Paper should be formatted according to APA 7th edition.

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