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The purpose of this assignment is to help you better understand one sample inferential statistics
because it is an important part of a business analytics project
The objective is to further analyze the Week One sample data using one sample inferential statistics and to derive insights about your paper airplane flying performance
Apply one sample inferential statisticsto your week 1 airplane data, interpret the results, and see what insights about your paper airplane manufacturing and flying processes these interpretations bring to bear. one sample inferential statistics can help us to characterize the process mean (population mean), which can help us to better understand and define our baseline manufacturing and flight performance. If you have more questions, such as to what degree does the normal distribution assumption play (or not play), Project Report with your one sample inferential statistics and derived Insights, according to the BADIR framework.
Model Flight Time
Airplane 1 1.78
Airplane 2 1.25
Airplane 3 1.63
Airplane 4 1.43
Airplane 5 1.25
Airplane 6 1.31
Airplane 7 1.51
Airplane 8 1.23
Airplane 9 1.61
Airplane 10 1.56
Airplane 11 2.35
Airplane 12 1.5
Airplane 13 1.45
Airplane 14 1.45
Airplane 15 0.83
Airplane 16 1.46
Airplane 17 1.65
Airplane 18 1.88
Airplane 19 1.55
Airplane 20 1.06

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