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Title Short Case Burberry
A, B, C response

Read the Management Focus section titled ?Burberry Shifts Its Entry Strategy in Japan? in Chapter 8. Respond to the following questions
A. Why did Burberry initially choose a licensing strategy to expand its presence in Japan?
B. What limitations of licensing became apparent over time? Should Burberry have expected these drawbacks to arise?
C. Was terminating the Japanese licensing agreement and opening wholly-owned stores the correct strategy for Burberry? What are the risks here?
Title Pros and Con ?
Read the question and respond to A, B, & C
You are the international manager of a U.S. business that has just developed a revolutionary new personal computer that can perform the same functions as existing PCs but costs only half as much to manufacture. Several patents protect the unique design of this computer. Your CEO has asked you to formulate a recommendation for how to expand into Western Europe
Your options are (a) to export from the United States, (b) to license a European firm to manufacture and market the computer in Europe, or (c) to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Europe. Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative and suggest a course of action to your CEO.

Read Chapter 9
UK Leaves EU and respond to A. B.C. Opening Case United Kingdom to leave the European Union.
A. What led to the decision? Were there any benefits to remaining in the bloc? Why did the country vote to leave?
B.: The vote to leave the European Union was hotly contested. What are the benefits of leaving? Will the United Kingdom be better off outside the bloc? Why has the process of leaving been so challenging?
C. What are the implications for foreign companies of the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union? Should they also leave?
Greek Sovereign Debt -Read the short case in Chapter 9
Respond to A, B, C
A. What were the causes of the 2010?2012 sovereign debt crisis in the EU?
B. What does this crisis tell us about the weaknesses of the euro?
C. Do you think the euro will survive the sovereign debt crisis?

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