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1500 word literature review using the 6 sources linked in the annotated bibliography. I want to incorporate the themes of expectations that studLiterature review
How do the expectations of being an international student differ from the harsh reality of obtaining a college education in America?

Write a 1500- to 2000-word Literature Review of 6 credible texts that relate to your chosen issue.
Ideally, your texts should be written for an academic audience, but you may include 1-2 texts written for a more general audience. Your literature review should provide an overview of the issue you are examining; assume that your readers may have some general familiarity with it but have not read the texts that you will include in your paper. Your paper should not be a set of summaries of the 6 texts; rather, it should focus on main topics that are part of the issue and discussed in the texts. In other words, present your readers with an overview of the
Ideas rather than the texts.
within the broad theme of internationalization/globalization of higher education

Annotated Bibliography

Senel Poyrazli & Marcos Damian Lopez (2007) An Exploratory Study of
Perceived Discrimination and Homesickness: A Comparison of International Students and American Students, The Journal of Psychology, 141:3, 263-280,

Poyrazli and Lopez examine the effects that feelings of homesickness and discrimination have on college students. A sample of 439 students (198 being
international) were asked questions about their experience with homesickness and discrimination to determine how students with different backrounds and interests handle these feelings and navigate a new school environment. Looking at the results, they
identify influencing factors that may affect a student?s experience, like age, sex, and race. They offer data and solutions to create more inclusive experiences for
international students.

Dorsett, James. ?High Hopes: International Student Expectations for Studying in the United States.? New Directions for Student Services, vol. 2019, no. 167, 2019, pp.

The author investigates the expectations that international students have before traveling to attend school in America. Dorsett looks at how different people form these expectations and how their home country and culture affect how they will be integrated into American society. He describes how academic expectations can cause issues

regarding language, socialization, and participation. He goes on to describe how the adjustment process is for many students, and how friends and engagement play a role in their overall experience.

Zhai, Lijuan. ?Studying International Students: Adjustment Issues and Social Support.?
Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, vol. 11, no. 1, 2002,

In this article, Zhai interviewed international students to collect data regarding their experiences with adjustment, stress, cultural differences, and challenges with language. The author suggests that academic changes are shocking to foreign students and discusses how they need support systems, as well as what universities can do to prepare students and provide them with care to help their adjustment process. This provides more insight into how students are affected by change and what they need to thrive in a new setting.

Hsiao-ping Wu, Esther Garza, Norma Guzman, “International Student?s Challenge and Adjustment to College”, Education Research International, vol. 2015, Article ID 202753, 9 pages, 2015.

This article also uses qualitative interviewing to investigate how students are affected by social isolation, cultural adjustment and academic challenges, especially as enrollment among international students has increased. This article will be useful to determine what institutions can do to support students, and also discusses the innovative thinking these students develop to overcome these problems.

Akanwa, Emmanuel E. ?International Students in Western Developed Countries: History, Challenges, and Prospects.? Journal of International Students, vol. 5, no. 3, 2015, pp.

This article goes in depth about the history of international students traveling to receive education in different countries which provides background for the issues we see today. The author also presents solutions that universities can use to support their students more effectively, while also touching on the students responsibility to take advantage of the resources offered to them. The focus on the origins of international studying will be useful to give context to all of the other data being presented.

Krishnan, Shana, and Zora Vrcelj. ?International Students Expectations and Motivations.?2009.
0000/International-students-expectations-and-motivations.pdfents have for studying internationally, ?homesickness/ challenges that international students face, issues with the adjustment process, and how universities can solve the problems they face. The paper just needs to be an analysis of the overall experience while citing research

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