Chat with us, powered by LiveChat How Block Buster Did Not Keep up With Business Processes | Refine papers

This is for my information of Management Technology class
It is an essay (12 double spaced and times new roman)

This should be a critical analysis (Will be supervised by turn it in so no cheating) Why the industry of blockbusters failed to succeed because of a failing business process.(Chapter 2 of the class book) (Use this a source but find 4 academic/research sources)

– I would provide an overview of what worked for Blockbuster at the time
– I would also explain how they failed to keep up w/technologies.
– What did competitors do (Tech wise) to gain advantages

Please use 6 sources including the book attached. They should be formal sources. Concentrate on IT. What features and technology processes they should have used. NO COPYING
Please have a strong conclusion and be careful of grammar

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