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1. Identify two poems that stood out to you this week and discuss why they stood out. Be sure to give key lines that made them memorable and discuss their subject(s).

2. The Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism period is noted for social realism. Define what that is based on the notes from last week and discuss how the poets and playwrights convey social realism in their respective works. You don’t have to cover all the poems by each poet, just the ones you find relevant to the question.

3. Among other things, drama show humans in conflict with themselves and others. With this in mind, identify the conflicts and the cause of these conflicts in A Raisin in the Sun. You must identify and discuss at least three conflicts. Use key lines to help support your points.

Gwendolyn Brooks (These poems might be found at
Biography: pp. 324-326
“kitchenette building,” p. 326
“the mother,” p. 326
“Sadie and Maud,” p. 327
“We Real Cool,” p. 337
Robert Hayden (These poems might be found at
Biography: pp. 225-227
“Those Winter Sundays,” p. 234
“Frederick Douglass,” p.237
Margaret Walker
Biography: pp. 318-319
“For My People,” pp.-319-320
Lorraine Hansberry
Biography: pp. 470-473

A Raisin in the Sun, pp. 473-530 (You can watch the filmed stage performance) linked below:
Watch Video
Raisin In The Sun

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