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Instructions are in the document provided
The review is on the play or movie Heathers you can not review both the film and play. Either version is fine but the full version needs to be
watched and cited and not clips.
Also while outside sources can be used most of the information needs to be from the film/ play with limited in text citationbs.
Play Review & Evaluation
Length Requirement: 3 pages not including the title page and Work/s Cited page.

Format Requirements: Word document; Times New-Roman or Arial font size 12; double- spaced; no extra spaces around or between paragraphs or in the margins; 1? left and right margins; pages numbered in the top right corner with the student?s last name appearing first?for example: (Smith 2) (Smith 3) etc.; the first sentence of the written text should appear at the top of the second page (the first page is the title page).
Although it can be written in the First-Person (?I?), the Play Review is a
formal composition in the sense of observing an academic tone and structure; therefore, avoid colloquialisms and slang?that is, informal language?unless quoting dialogue.
Substantial points will be deducted for failing to meet any of these basic format or other requirements noted below.

Assignment: The Play Review and Evaluation consists of an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that is underlined; an interpretation or ?critical reading? of a play, musical, or film version based on a play using 4-6 drama/film terms from our ?List of Terms;? and a conclusion paragraph that provides a thoughtful evaluation of the film.

Avoid Plot Summary: The Review does not consist of one sustained plot summary of the play, musical, or film adaptation; in other words, avoid plot summarizing as much as possible in the paper. Action, which consists of identifying the exposition, complication, rising action or suspense, climax, and falling action/denouement, is a term that you can use rather than plot (summary).
On the other hand, brief plot references are OK in the middle section to introduce or contextualize terms for interpretation or for explanatory purposes: for example, to introduce a sequence, scene, shot/cut (if a film adaptation), or to summarize an act or scene. In your Review, you should be more concerned with interpretation rather than recapitulation. In sum, aim to analyze rather than summarize.

Components: The Play Review consists of 3 main components: an
introduction, drama/film terms or interpretation?the ?review? part?and an evaluation. Do not divide or organize these 3 parts into section or heading titles since you are writing a shorter paper.
?one title page: with the student?s name, class (THE 2000: Theater Appreciation), date (the due date), the assignment (Play Review & Evaluation), and the title of your review
?one introduction paragraph: The first or introduction paragraph should contain a general introduction strategy or and terminate with a specific thesis statement including the 4-6 film
terms/techniques you will be interpreting in boldface. Please underline the thesis statement in your Review, and always italicize play, musical, and film titles.
?the middle section paragraphs (interpretation): Identify and apply any 4-6 terms/techniques from our List of Terms to the play, musical, or film version. In the Review, the middle section paragraphs should include a topic sentence identifying the term(s) or technique(s) you are applying to the play and then sufficient support or development: specific scenes, shots or cuts (if a film adaptation), passages, or sequences that illustrate or represent this term/technique. In addition, you will discuss the term?s/technique?s significance or effect(s) on you, the play?s reader or film adaptation?s viewer. The next paragraph should cover the next term, etc. Boldface the terms every time you use or refer to them in your paper, and do not apply the terms to the entire play, musical, or film adaptation or write

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