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Attached is the rubric for this paper. Write a 700-1050 word health care systems analysis paper based on the topics provided or one of your own. Please choose a topic from the document attached above. If you choose one of your own please email me to have it approved before you write your paper. Please write your analysis from a leadership or management perspective commenting on the topic and how it would be affected from a leadership or management status. This paper is required to have a title page and a reference page with a minimum of 3 current (within the past 5 years) references. It is also to be written in 7th edition APA formatting.Healthcare Systems Analysis Paper

Write a 700-1050 word healthcare systems analysis paper based?on one of the following topics of your choosing:

1. Magnet Hospitals and its model

2. Population-Based Health Care Practice

3. The Action Model to Achieve Healthy People 2020 Goals

4. Disaster Preparedness and Response

5. Different Models of Patient Care Delivery
A. Total Patient Care
B. Team Nursing
C. Primary Nursing
D. Patient ?Centered Care

6. Staffing Needs and Staff Development
7. Relationship Based Care
8.Patricia Benner?s Model ? Novice to Expert

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