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2nd Paper
Due: Monday April 4th 11:00 pm

Assignment folder locks: Monday April 4th 11:59 pm

The pdf file you upload will be counted as your submission for grading. Be sure that you have not uploaded a blank file or a different file than you intended. There will not be an opportunity to resubmit after the assignment folder locks. You can upload your submission multiple times before the folder locks, if needed. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to upload your assignment. No technical issues other than Moodle outages on record with KPU will be considered grounds for submitting a late assignment. You are strongly discouraged from submitting your assignment at the last minute, and do so at your own risk. Assignments are not accepted by email under any circumstances.
Folder opens for submissions: Monday March 28th 8:00 am
?800 words maximum (up to 50 words grace will be permitted without penalty. Papers exceeding 850 words will be penalized). You do not need to count citations and your works cited listing in your word count.
?Provide your word count at the top right corner of your paper.
?If you would like to receive grading comments on your final paper for this course, please opt in by writing ?Comments? in the top left corner of your paper.
?MLA style citations and works cited required (in text citations must include author?s last name and page number). All ideas from course readings and other sources must be cited.
?Canadian English spellings required (except for direct quotes).
?Gender inclusive language required (except for direct quotes).
?Papers must be double spaced.
?Papers must be in PDF format.
In the article ?Young Transgender Athletes Grappling with Anti-trans Sports Legislation? Kiara Alfonseca reports on the case of Sunny Bryant, an 8-year-old girl who lives in Texas. Sunny Bryant is transgender, and enjoys gymnastics and playing baseball. She also hopes to play soccer. Sunny has become aware that she may not be able to play on girls-only teams in the future. This is because lawmakers in Texas are trying to force her to play on boys teams instead. Sunny has known that she is a girl since she was 4 years old (Alphonseca 1). Her mother worries for her safety if her daughter is forced to play on boys teams as she gets older as ?she’ll be alone in the locker room, she won’t have a lot of the same interests as her teammates, and she may even be bullied and harassed by the players, opponents and parents? (Alphonseca 1). Texas legislator Charles Perry argues that laws banning transgender girls like Sunny are necessary to ensure that girls? sports are fair.

What position would Julia Serano and Sarah Teetzel take on Sunny?s inclusion in girls sports, and why? Do you agree or disagree? In your paper you will provide an explanation of central claims of Serano?s and Teetzel?s arguments, and apply them to the case of Sunny Bryant. You

will construct an argument agreeing or disagreeing with Serano and Teetzel. You will consider an objection to your argument, and reply to this objection.

In this assignment you are required to discuss and reference both ?Intrinsic Inclinations: Explaining Gender and Sexual Diversity? by Julia Serano and ?Transgender Eligibility Policies in Sport: Science, Ethics, and Evidence? by Sarah Teetzel. Page references for these articles must be to the versions posted on the course Moodle page. Papers that do not cite both of these papers will receive no grade.

NOTE: There is no requirement to find additional sources for this assignment. Any additional sources must be peer-reviewed and from an academic publisher.

In constructing your argument you must do the following:

1.Have a clearly stated thesis.
2.Explain the theory you are appealing to or arguing against clearly in terms of the concepts we have encountered in class and in the course readings.
3.Argue for your thesis with reference to material we have encountered in class and in the course readings.
4.Anticipate an objection to your thesis.
5.Reply to this objection.

Please note the following:

?Papers without proper and complete citations and a proper works cited listing will not be accepted.
?Where applicable always cite passages and ideas from the readings NOT from the course notes.
?No late papers will be accepted.
?Papers will not be read beyond the maximum word count.
?Papers must be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with standard margins.
?Papers that do not meet these requirements will be penalized at the instructor?s discretion.

Paper Sections:

1.Introduction: Keep it brief and to the point. What are you going to argue, and how are you going to argue for it? What theory will you appeal to/argue against? What major point will your argument make? Your thesis statement is normally the last sentence of your introduction.

2.Exposition: Here you will explain the view that you are either supporting or arguing against. Assume that your reader is intelligent but knows nothing about the theory or view you are explaining.

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