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Early college entrance essay needed

My 9th grader is in the process for applying to a Magnet school that is also an early college for IT and BioTechnology. In order to do so, she has to write a college essay which requires answers to the following questions:

1. What her program of interest is (Biotechnology)

2. Why is it a passion of hers

3. What she plans on doing with it post-graduation (with an associate’s or further pursuing her Bachelors)

4. How will this new early college high school help her reach her goals

5. What qualities will she contribute to the school community (this is where we need particular help because she hasn’t been in any clubs due to the pandemic and being virtual for 2 years), but she does volunteer in the community and that may be of help.

I have created a document where I have outlined some of the answers to these questions via google, which may help in writing the essay, but of course it shouldn’t be plagiarized.

Is this something your agency can write up from a 9th grader’s perspective? I can include some middle school and high school transcripts if that helps, or also a personal write up on her personal struggles during the pandemic (if that would be useful at all). We would need this by April 6th 2022.

Also, what charges would apply. I am assuming this would be s 2-3 page essay…

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