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For these questions you need to have viewed this week’s films (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella) and done the readings. Please review the following directions and the syllabus for my expectations.

You are welcome to share personal reflections and experiences, but please remember that at this level of college course, you are expected to have done the readings, demonstrate critical engagement with the scholarship you are reading, and that you are reading your fellow students’ posts. You can do that by making reference to concepts, ideas or examples, and by using direct quotes.

The discussions are where we build community! It is also a place to practice using the language of the discipline and work through ideas you might want to explore for your formal assignments. Be respectful and remember to follow the Netiquette and guidelines for discussions.

I will also be reading during the week but rarely step in with comments. I like to let students to build community by keeping the conversation going. I will provide specific feedback in the gradebook comments.

Respond to and expand on the questions below. Give examples from the readings and your own experiences. You will not see classmates’ posts until you have submitted your initial post.

How do the 3 classic Disney films you watched this week capture a princess narrative that is still promoted (even while it is challenged) for today’s audiences? How do they emphasize particular expectations around gender—what is expected of women and girls vs. men and boys? Who might this leave out?
What is your favorite Disney film? Compare it to the ones you watched for class this week and reflect on the same questions about it.
Please cite two separate readings and at least one of the 3 films to discuss your response. Discuss the importance of reading scholarship from a variety of perspectives in college courses. How can you think critically about popular culture and still enjoy it?
this file is what I answered the questions, please use my info when you write the ansewrs.

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