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Conservation Biology Research Project:

This project will require you to choose a current animal on the endangered to critically endangered species list. Check this link out to get an idea: Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals | WWF ( You will research this one animal and answer the following questions:

1. What are some defining characteristics of this animal? Where does it reside? What is it’s natural habitat? Are there related subspecies also endangered? What lead to this speciation as far as behavioral or environmental constraints? What is it’s ancestral history?

2. What variables (there are likely three or more) contributes to this animals current status on the endangered species list?

3. What are the current methods used to bring this animal off the endangered list if any? What needs to happen based on your research to increase population numbers? If this animal is in a zoo, do you think reproduction within zoos is an appropriate choice of action to recover population numbers? Explain.

I did this same project in a Conservation Genetics course, and what I learned still amazes me today. By looking at my presentations, you will probably guess which one.

This research assignment will require the use of scientific journals and articles that can be found using your library access through Brazosport College, Nature, EJournals, or my personal favorite GoogleScholar at GoogleScholar also offers a link to other reliable sources on their main page. You are required, but not limited to 15 scientific resources, all cited via MLA format.

MLA Resources:

The layout of the comparison is up to you. It should take no less than 5 pages including a works cited page with 12 font Calibri or Times New Roman, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins. I am not looking for length. I am looking for substance. I am leaving this open for you to put your personality and style into your work, but I do expect you to do your research and provide reliable information. Feel free to use the Brazosport online writing center at or the Brazosport distance learning website at Distance Learning website for assistance, or email me if you have further questions. This project is worth 200 points toward your final grade which will be posted during finals week. A rubric is posted in the content section on D2L that is identical to the one I will use to grade your projects.

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